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Back Massage

Indulge in our Therapeutic Massages

It's essential to invest in your body's health. A therapeutic massage in Vancouver, WA, does more than relieving the tension in your muscles; it releases the toxins deep in your tissues and lets the oxygen flow. Look below for the most soothing massages that work for you.

Relaxation Massage

If you just want to be pampered, this is the massage for you. With its long, rhythmic strokes, it will relax your central nervous system and soothe your body. 30-minutes is $45, 60-minutes is $75, and 90-minutes is $110.

Therapeutic Massage

If you want to relieve tension, have a specific area of concern, or want a combination of deep tissue and relaxation, then a therapeutic massage is for you. Following your massage, the therapist may recommend exercises or stretches. 30-minutes is $50, 60-minutes is $80, and a 90-minutes is $115.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you're already accustomed to massage therapy, we recommend a deep tissue massage. This treatment is muscle-specific and will work out adhesions and knots. 30-minutes is $55, 60-minutes is $85, and 90-minutes is $120.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is the ultimate relaxation remedy. 60-minutes is $100, and 90-minutes is $125.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This treatment promotes healing with 100 percent crystal salt stones. It will help your body release toxins and restore its natural balance. In addition, the radiating heat from the stones will penetrate sore muscles, reducing tension and inflammation. 60-minutes is $100, and 90-minutes is $125.

Pregnancy Massage

If you're pregnant, you know better than anyone how sore and achy muscles can get by the end of the day. Pamper yourself with a 60-minute pregnancy massage for $80 or a 90-minute pregnancy massage for $115.


Reflexology is a natural and relaxing way to treat various conditions, including insomnia, stress, and digestive problems. Pamper your feet, body, and mind with a 30-minute reflexology session for $45 or a 60-minute session for $70.

Body Wrap

The freshly harvested seaweed used in our traditional body wrap stimulates, rejuvenates, and purifies the skin. This treatment is excellent for detoxing your body. The 60-minute Body Wrap, which includes moisturizer application, is $90. 60 min Relax Massage with a shorter wrap is $120

Mud Wrap

The mud we use contains deep-sea salt and chamomile to promote detoxification. After applying it, we will wrap you in warm blankets, and you will rest for approximately 20 minutes. This treatment, which ends with a shower and moisturizer application, is $90. Combine a Mud Wrap, Scalp Treatment, and Aromatherapy for only $120.

Body Scrub

Feel your stress melt away as this treatment exfoliates your skin. A 60-minute Body Scrub is $75 or add a 30-minute Body Scrub with a 60-minute Relaxation Massage for $120. Scalp Treatment $135

Body Scrub

Scrubs and Oils

As an extra at Athena Day Spa, you can add additional services to a Massage, Body Treatments or Facials.

  • We will add Custom Aromatherapy to your treatment by blending essential oils to maximize your relaxation, for $10.
  • Add an Eye Treatment to Reduce the puffiness of your eyes, for $5.
  • Additional Foot Massage for 20-minutes is $25.

Please note that all our prices are subject to change.